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The new programming initiative of Radio Kansas.


You probably think of Radio Kansas as your “NPR station,” but there are at least 4 different networks offering programming for us to purchase. To present your favorite show we may first have to pay a fee as an affiliate station before we then can consider the fee for the show itself. In other words, the producers of your favorite show may charge a reasonable $2400 per year for the show, but in order to choose that show we must first pay the network $10,000 or more making the effective cost of the show much greater.

The following programs have been requested by listeners and pre-identified by the Radio Kansas management team as meeting our commitment to public service. Unfortunately, the subscription fees for these shows are high-enough that we cannot take the financial risk of purchasing them until we know for sure that listeners agree they're worth the extra money!


So - we’re putting you in the driver’s seat, and have made arrangements to purchase new subscriptions for these shows the moment listeners commit to funding them.

Please let us know how much more you can pledge in the coming fiscal year to bring any of these shows to our weekly schedule. Your pledge is merely a promise of additional funding if and only if we’re able to present your favorite show! Send us an e-mail at this link, and we’ll keep this site updated to indicate our progress! Thanks for your help, and good luck to all of us!

The Best of Car Talk - Back As Promised!

Radio Kansas presented Car Talk right up ‘til the day that Click and Clack retired. Unfortunately NPR didn't lower their price for the show in re-runs, and the economics just didn't work out. We promised to continue negotiations with NPR and bring the  show back ASAP and here it is! It's Saturday mornings at 10, so we can still present Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me as it airs in Chicago! Ophira Eisenberg and Johnathan Coulton sleep in another hour on Saturday and take Ask Me Another to 11. In some communities an 11 o'clock start has helped make Ask Me Another public radio's most popular hour all week! You'll have two chances to hear Tech Nation if you care to. We'll air it Saturday mornings at 5, but we know that's awful early, so you can catch it that afternoon at 4 if that's better!

A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion comes from American Public Media (APM) - a different network than NPR. The program has changed significantly now that Garrison Keillor has handed off to Chris Thile as host. Listeners have indicated that the show website's rich archive of Garrison-hosted shows is better (for now) than the new show. Interestingly, we couldn't carry just re-runs even if we were willing to pay full price - the network won't allow! We’d be happy to purchase the program the moment listeners tell us it’s appropriate! Between the affiliation fee to APM and the fee for the show, it's about $20,000. Let us know how much extra you can pitch in.


Writer’s Almanac - Back As Promised!

Now that Garrison Keillor has retired from PHC, his radio output is focused on The Writer's Almanac. Pricing and network arrangements have changed, allowing us to bring the feature back as promised! Hear Garrison during every edition of The Classical Cafe with Mark Simmons at about 12:30, and be one of the first to celebrate his return by making a contribution to keep it coming!



Composer's Datebook - New to the Noon Hour

Just as the Writer's Almanac brings you "this day in literature," the Composer's Datebook does the same for classical music. John Zech discusses an event in music history, gives it some context, and demonstrates it with a lively selection. We present the feature every day at about 12:50 as part of The Classical Cafe with Mark Simmons. It helps make our noontime program your "one stop shop" for timely information on the arts and humanities in central Kansas.





Here & Now

In living memory Radio Kansas used to present drive-time news in the noon hour. NPR’s midday schedule has changed significantly in the past couple of years creating new opportunities. The newsmagazine Here & Now is available to us for $13,308.


Fresh Air

The interview program Fresh Air with Terry Gross (not to be confused with the Nightcrossings album series Fresh Aire), would air weeknights sometime between 7 and 10. It comes from NPR, so no additional network fee is required, but the show has significant production costs, so the subscription to the show itself would be a significant new expense. Cost to Radio Kansas: $17,193.


This American Life

This American Life has dropped its network affiliation and now distributes directly to stations. Most listeners choose to listen to the show online as a Podcast, but it's still available to over-the-air stations with enough listeners to pay for it. Pricing is in flux, but please let us know if you’d like us to consider the show.

Be the first to formally request we get final pricing for This American Life



The Moth

The Moth Radio Hour is a weekly series featuring true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment. Each Moth Radio Hour mixes humorous,heartbreaking, and poignant tales are said to captivate, surprise, and delight audiences with their honesty, bravery and humor. Cost to Radio Kansas would be $3500.


Radiolab was from NPR but is now offered directly to stations by producing station WNYC. They're keeping the cost to a station our size the same at $3215.