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The new programming initiative of Radio Kansas.


You probably think of Radio Kansas as your “NPR station,” but there are at least 4 different networks offering programming for us to purchase. To present your favorite show we may first have to pay a fee as an affiliate station before we then can consider the fee for the show itself. In other words, the producers of your favorite show may charge a reasonable $2400 per year for the show, but in order to choose that show we must first pay an affiliate's fee of $12,000. It's not that we don't love the same shows you do, it's just that we don't have the means to belong to every network at once!


We often have more faith in your favorite show than the national producers do! We've offered many, many shows right up to the point that they were ended by their networks - not us! Remember that many of our series are limited run, 13-week productions. If you miss a favorite, please ask where it went, rather than holding it against your local station!

We're always flattered to be compared to stations sponsored by large universities, but we simply don't have the resources to take a significant financial risk on new programming. If you would like to lead a grassroots effort to bring any of these programs to the area, let us know. Listeners are always in charge! 


The following programs have been requested by listeners and pre-identified by the Radio Kansas management team as meeting our commitment to public service. Unfortunately, the subscription fees for these shows are high-enough that we cannot take the risk until we know for sure that listeners agree they're worth the extra money!


Please let us know how much more you can pledge in the coming fiscal year to bring any of these shows to our weekly schedule. Your additional pledge is merely a promise of extra funding if and only if we’re able to present your favorite show! Send us an e-mail at this link, and we'll update this page with the status of the effort! Thanks for your help, and good luck to all of us!

The Best of Car Talk - Back As Promised!

Radio Kansas presented Car Talk right up ‘til the day that Click and Clack retired. The words "Car Talk" with the "k" stylized into a wrenchUnfortunately NPR didn't lower their price for the show in re-runs, and the economics just didn't work out. We promised to bring the show back if NPR made it affordable, and here it is! It's Saturday mornings at 10, so we can still present Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me at 9. We're one of the few stations simulcasting it with WBEZ as it airs in Chicago!

Here & Now The words "Here & Now" with Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson- On at noon by request!

For much of our history Radio Kansas presented news in the noonhour where you now hear The Classical Cafe. For years there hasn't been a good NPR News show available to us in midday, but their schedule has changed in the past couple of years creating new opportunities. The newsmagazine Here & Now is available to us for $8,000 per year. Now that it's here, let us know if it earns your support!

Ask Me Another

We were among the first stations to take a chance on Ask Me Another. In its first year The words "Ask Me Another" in colorful rectanglesit was free to stations that helped pilot the show. In the second year it was about $2400 for a station our size, and now full price at $4500. There was a significant discrepancy between that network fee and the amount listeners advised us to spend. Sadly, it may never work on the radio in our part of the world because they make it too easy to find as a podcast! We'd love to give it another 3 years or so to find an FM audience, but we can't afford the risk! If you're willing to commit to an additional pledge to assist this effort, please let us know!

Met Opera

Radio Kansas remained faithful to the Met for decades, but local response halved a few years ago when the Met started soliciting direct pledges during our broadcasts. Response halved again after the organization's relative silence after scandals involving their longtime Music Director. We don't believe that under the present circumstances it is appropriate or broadly requested that we sign the contract to broadcast the 2018-19 season. If you'd like to lead a grassroots effort to bring the Met back, let us know!

The Folk Sampler

Mike Flynn decided to conclude The Folk Sampler upon his retirement. Re-runs are not available to stations.

A Prairie Home Companion

We carried it right up to the point that longtime host Garrison Keillor announced his retirement. The program was ultimately cancelled by its network and is unavailable to any stations.

Riverwalk, Live from the Landing, Lincoln Center Jazz, Marian McPartland


We carried each of these programs as part of our Saturday evening jazz block until the producers of each stopped production. Unavailable to any stations even as re-runs.


Writer’s Almanac


We carried it until producers stopped production. Unavailable to any stations even as re-runs.

Says You! - Back Saturdays at 11 a.m.

The words "Says You!" with its description in the form of a dictionary entry.

We carried the program prior to the illness of longtime host Richard Sher. Its availability was in doubt for some time, but the program is now produced by his daughter Lara Sher, and we've returned it to our weekend schedule at our first opportunity!




Fresh Air Stylized words "Fresh Air" in large font with NPR logo above

The interview program Fresh Air with Terry Gross (not to be confused with the Nightcrossings album series Fresh Aire), would air weeknights sometime between 7 and 10. It comes from NPR, so no additional network fee is required, but the show has significant production costs, so the subscription to the show itself would be a significant new expense. Cost to Radio Kansas: $17,193.


This American Life Stylized print of words "This American Life"

This American Life has dropped its network affiliation and now distributes directly to stations. Most listeners choose to listen to the show online as a podcast, but it's still available to over-the-air stations if local FM listeners are numerous-enough to support it. Pricing is in flux, but please let us know if you’d like us to consider the show.

The Moth

Show name "The Moth Radio Hour" in stylized text on colorful background

The Moth Radio Hour is a weekly series featuring true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment. Each Moth Radio Hour mixes humorous,heartbreaking, and poignant tales are said to captivate, surprise, and delight audiences with their honesty, bravery and humor. Cost to Radio Kansas would be $3500.



Radiolab Eccentric circles around a lowercase 'r,' with title RADIOLAB in block text

Radiolab was from NPR but is now offered directly to stations by producing station WNYC. They're keeping the cost to a station our size the same at $3215.