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     Radio Kansas strives to provide the citizens of Kansas the very best in public radio. We've brought you moving music and important news, seven days a week, since 1979. Our goal is to continue providing the best in public radio programming for years to come.

 As you plan for the future and the security of your loved ones, we hope you will also remember Radio Kansas. By including Radio Kansas in your Estate Planning you can assure the news and music you love will continue beyond your lifetime.

    Wills and Bequests
Wills and Bequests are something everyone can do, regardless of income level. And it is a gift that keeps on giving. Meet some of those people who have chosen to support Radio Kansas beyond their own lifetimes. There are a number of ways to make a significant contribution to Radio Kansas, receive tax relief, AND receive continuing benefits for your generosity.  More...

   Gift Annuities

  The Gift Annuity is a simple contract between Radio Kansas and the donor. The donor transfers cash, or appreciated items like stocks, real estate or other valuables to Radio Kansas. In return, an annual gift annuity payment is guaranteed for the donor's lifetime, generally at a higher than normal rate of return. More...

   Charitable Trusts

  There are a variety of Charitable Trusts which can be used to support Radio Kansas and provide income to the donor. All of these offer excellent tax relief. Donors can receive a fixed dollar payment each year, a fixed percentage payment each year, or even more creative types of payments. More...

   Life Estate

  For many people there is a strong desire to support Radio Kansas in a significant manner, but they're concerned that resources for such a gift just don't exist. For those people the Life Estate method is a tremendous opportunity. The donor makes a commitment to donate their home, farm land or vacation home to Radio Kansas. This results in an immediate tax deduction. The donor can continue to live in the home or even use it as rental property for the rest of their life. Then the house is sold with the proceeds going to Radio Kansas. More...

For more information, contact Andrea Springer at 1-800-723-4657
or aspringer@radiokansas.net.

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