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Invest in the Future of NPR News for Kansas!

We're being given an opportunity to bring even more NPR News to the area every weekday, but we need your help! For much of our history, Radio Kansas presented news every noon hour, and we think that's the right thing for our communities. Budgetary limitations have prevented us from serving you this way, but we're now given a chance bring you Here & Now, the NPR newsmagazine designed to bring you back up to date in just a few minutes each noon. It's NPR's flagship daytime news show, and you can help us bring it to your part of Kansas!


We want to be - more reliably - "NPR in your Car." We know there are news fans who've had to seek other stations at lunch to feel up to date headed back to work. Imagine being able to leave your tuner on Radio Kansas and getting caught up on international, national and state news while you're out & about at lunch!


We don't want to disrupt our core community service to raise the money we need, but we're taking the question to listeners as part of All Things Considered the finalClickable graphic to go to ATC web page week of our fiscal year, starting Monday, June 25th. We need $6160, and your additional pledge made right now will count toward the goal! If you're not ready to help right now, make sure and join the discussion by being with us from 6 to 7 weeknights starting June 25th.


Radio Kansas provides in-depth NPR News

National Public Radio News is unique for its in-depth look at the day's events. With two full hours of commercial-free news both morning and evening, NPR has time to present the background information you need to understand the news. We'll also help you think through the implications of recent events - what today's news means for tomorrow.

Radio Kansas brings you Morning Edition from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. every weekday. Tune in whenever it's convenient for you! Seven nights a week at 5 p.m. All Things Considered is your first news update on the way home. We also have national newscasts from NPR throughout the day to keep you informed with regional stories from the Kansas News Service.

Saturday morning, tune to Weekend Edition from 7 to 9. Scott Simon looks back at the week's news and updates us on new developments before Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! at 9. Sunday's Weekend Edition is like a Sunday paper over the air. News features...a weekly puzzle...even comics of one sort or another! Tune in from 10 to noon.

Local News Program Host Bios

Geralyn Smith—Morning Edition
JD Herschberger—All Things Considered
News Times